iShot 2.0 Mini Alarm Clock Hidden Camera Review


PROS / The clock camera has a generic, nonintrusive design that won't attract attention.

CONS / There's no time-scheduled recording option.

VERDICT / This is the go-to nanny cam if you're interested in covertly observing your home while you're away.

Nanny cams come in all shapes and sizes, most notably when they are cleverly masked as common household objects. These devices enable you to monitor activity in your home when you're away. The best nanny cams are disguised as clocks, electrical outlets and other appliances to ensure that people don't disable or disarm them. Our top-ranked nanny cam is an operational clock camera that covertly records video through a tiny pinhole lens. The iShot 2.0 Mini Alarm Clock Hidden Camera is an easy-to-use, stand-alone nanny cam that receives our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

iShot 2.0 Mini Alarm Clock Hidden Camera
  1. Measured in degrees, a hidden camera's field of view is the angular extent of the full scene or sight it can capture.
  2. 1 iShot 2.0 Mini Alarm Clock Hidden Camera
    72 degrees
  3. 66 degrees
  4. 66 degrees
  5. Category Average
    73.40 degrees


This covert clock camera comes with most of the features we would expect to find on a top-rated nanny cam. Primarily, the camera has a built-in DVR (digital video recorder) so it can function without an external recording device. Secondly, a motion detector activates recording only when there is activity or movement occurring in the room, saving both battery life and memory.

Lastly, the camera offers time-stamped recordings and dual functionality as a working digital clock. While many nanny cams are also disguised as fully operational clocks, this model's aesthetics are particularly simple and nonintrusive with a conservative appearance. As a result, the iShot 2.0 fits in just as well on a countertop or shelf as it does on a nightstand.

This hidden nanny cam does not have an overwrite selector to automatically delete the oldest recording to free up space on the memory card. However, this nanny camera offers remote-control operation, a feature that is not found on most of the nanny cams in our lineup. Using the included remote control, you can subtly turn on recording from a distance.

Recording Options

This clock camera lacks time-scheduled recording. Without this option, you are limited to continuous manual recording or by using the motion-detection mode. Video resolution is an excellent 1280 x 960 pixels, which is above average when compared to many of the other nanny cams in our lineup.

Despite its lack of modifiable recording options, the clock camera offers a handful of other useful functionalities not found on many other nanny cams. For instance, the camera can operate as a basic webcam and take still images with 2048 x 1536 resolution using either the remote control or the buttons on the camera.


When it comes to design, the iShot 2.0 Mini Alarm Clock Hidden Camera delivers flawlessly. The camera boasts color video and a maximum viewing angle of 72 degrees. This nanny cam also comes equipped with a powerful built-in lithium-ion battery for convenient and long-lasting portability. This battery lasts about 10 days when the unit operates in motion-detection mode before requiring a recharge.

Even when it's not in this energy-saving mode, the battery life of the iShot 2.0 Mini Alarm Clock Hidden Camera should meet your needs. By taking advantage of the clock camera's best design assets – its built-in battery and motion detector – you can use it for days without running out of memory or draining the batteries too quickly.

Another area where this nanny cam could use some improvement is in low-light situations. When a room is dark, images captured by the iShot 2.0 Mini Alarm Clock Hidden Camera are slightly fuzzy and distorted. However, this isn't indicative of a flaw in the camera; it's a symptom of a room being dark. You can combat this problem by purchasing an infrared LED spotlight to illuminate dark rooms more effectively. Most nanny cams offer similar nighttime performance. Moreover, you can choose to power the device with the built-in battery or included power adapter, whichever is most convenient.

Video Output

This hidden nanny camera has excellent video output. The default resolution is 1280 x 960 pixels and the frame rate is 29 frames per second, which provides clear video without any perceptible distortions or jumps. Connecting the unit to your computer with a USB cable allows you to review your video. The clock camera's storage capacity is likewise very good. It can support a memory card up to 32GB in size, which is average compared to other nanny cams.

In order for the iShot 2.0 Mini Alarm Clock Hidden Camera to function properly, it requires you to purchase a microSD memory card separately. This memory card provides the necessary storage capacity for the footage captured with this nanny cam. This omission is one of the few aspects that detract from the overall quality of this nanny cam. Fortunately, reliable microSD cards can be fairly inexpensive.


The main selling point of the iShot 2.0 Mini Alarm Clock Hidden Camera is value. This camera has many excellent features that help it compete with more advanced nanny cams. The unit lacks some features, such as time-scheduled recording and an included memory card. In contrast, this nanny cam boasts a range of beneficial features, including a built-in, lithium-ion battery and substantial storage capacity. Couple those features with a discreet design and a functional alarm clock, and you get an affordable and feature-filled nanny cam that seamlessly blends into any room.

iShot 2.0 Mini Alarm Clock Hidden Camera