Supreme Defense Electrical Outlet HC-OUTLT-DVR Review


PROS / A convenient masking feature allows the camera to block its lower field of view.

CONS / The nanny cam does not actually work as an electrical outlet.

VERDICT / The nanny cam's limited placement flexibility overshadows the cameras more notable features.

A seemingly ordinary electrical outlet is the last place one would expect a nanny cam to be concealed. But the Supreme Defense Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera is no ordinary outlet, despite its conventional appearance. This nanny cam cleverly disguises a sophisticated pinhole camera for home and business surveillance.

Supreme Defense Electrical Outlet HC-OUTLT-DVR

Although it isn't without a few flaws, this nanny camera delivers an adequate performance. The camera has a built-in DVR – one of the most significant features in the best nanny cams. This makes it a standalone recording device. Also, the hidden nanny cam has a motion detector so it won't waste battery life and storage space recording an empty room.

  1. Measured in degrees, a hidden camera's field of view is the angular extent of the full scene or sight it can capture.
  2. 6 Supreme Defense Electrical Outlet
    66 degrees
  3. 72 degrees
  4. 66 degrees
  5. 66 degrees
  6. Category Average
    73.40 degrees

The most noteworthy feature of the Supreme Defense Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera, and one that isn't found on other nanny cams in our lineup, is its motion detection area masking. Ideal in households with pets, this feature lets you mask, or obscure, the lower quarter of the camera's field of view so the motion detector isn't triggered by a cat or dog that doesn't need monitoring.

The features and functionalities on this nanny cam include a remote control and the ability to specify the camera's recording quality (high, medium or low). However, there is no time-scheduled recording, a feature that enables you to schedule recordings and capture specific activity or individuals at specified times.

When it comes to video output, the camera is rather average. The video resolution of 640 x 480 ensures a fairly crisp picture, but a frame rate of just 12 frames per second leads to recordings with a few perceptible skips. The camera's storage is likewise mediocre, with a maximum capacity of just 8GB. This can store roughly 8 hours of recording at high quality, and when the camera is used in motion detection mode, the capacity should be sufficient for your needs.

The biggest issue stems from the lack of dual functionality and required placement. Despite its concealment as an outlet, the camera cannot power appliances or electronics; someone who discovers this may find the nonfunctioning outlet to be odd or perhaps even suspicious. Although the device has built-in prongs and is powered directly through an outlet, this presents a problem: it must be plugged into an outlet above waist-level to capture a broad view. Adding to the problem is the fact that the camera has a surprisingly small maximum viewing angle of just 66 degrees.


The Supreme Defense Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera offers some respectable features and a highly realistic disguise. However, the spy camera's lack of functionality and limited flexibility when it comes to positioning mean this nanny cam might not be suited for every household.

Supreme Defense Electrical Outlet HC-OUTLT-DVR